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DONE @Reinatc @sydneyann04

READ--> so i will be doing this with my SU ocs Rhodolite and Azuramalachite so comment a number and letter and i'll draw them for you

The importance of understanding none of us are "Everyones Cup of Tea". And you know what, that's absolutely fine. That's what makes the world go around. Our personality traits & interests often draw up to our tribe. Don't waste time, trying to bend yourself into a pretzel, just to fit in with people who you will never get on with. Walk away. Learn to find your people, your tribe and become who you truly are. Self confidence, self esteem & self care.

Build a Stealth Fire Pit That Won't Draw Unwanted Attention

While you can't stop the smell, smoke, and light of an open fire completely, it's possible to minimize it by digging a Dakota fire hole. via @urbanalan

You guys don't know how much i love you. I'm so happy for all the support, nice comments, likes, DM's <33 thank you all SO MUCH for doing this. Thanks for 800!! I will try to be more active here. Ily all so much, i hope you like it ♡♡♡ 💕💕 Quickly draw of a girl with sailor clothes, idk why;;;v;;♡ if you guys like this style i will draw more of it!! . . #sailor #clothes #drawing #insaart #insaartist #800 #thanks #ily #copic #barbara_drawings

Pick one and one of my oc's or what you would like to see me draw. I will probably only be doing a few of these.

Hello!! My name is Barbara and i love to draw <3 one day i will be as good as you all guys!! I really appreciate if you can share my work! Thanks <3 #instaart #instaartist #newbie #1stpost #idkhowtodraw #copic #color #traditionalart #copic #barbara_drawings

30 Artists Pay Tribute To Late Carrie Fisher

30 Artists Pay Tribute To Late Carrie Fisher

Choose one, and one of my characters. I just need to draw something,,,, blease,,

Striking. Check out her feed to learn how to make one too! Repost @mimitsudoodles (IGbulletjournalcollection)