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Netflix's Stranger Things TV Series Openly Worships at the Altar of Spielberg

The debut of Netflix’s Stranger Things is just a few weeks away, and while this new trailer gives us a glimpse of its biggest-name star, Winona Ryder, it focuses on the four boys and mysterious girl who are the real focus of this E.T.-meets-Close Encounters of the Third Kind-meets-”basically everything Steven Spielberg was thinking about in the 1980s” story.

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11 Tips to Make Planning Your Travels a Million Times Easier

The scariest part of anybody’s travel is the planning stage. It can also be the most exciting, but oftentimes just thinking about everything that needs to be done before a trip is the most daunting and overwhelming part. These travel tips make travel planning so easy!

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming
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15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming << however, the "life threatening encounter" is just a manta ray, so it isn't life threatening at all. At least not for a human - you are more dangerous to them than the other way around!

Day 37 – July 9, 2013 I have “Heigh Ho” in my head this morning, as I think about the transition from vacation mode back into reality. Time off is always wonderful, but as a food addict, it is difficult for me to keep a laid back attitude around healthy living. I tend to feed anxiety about having everything perfect with a need to control food because everything else feels out of control. It’s broken, I know. Today I am reminded of God’s mercy & His call to imperfect progress in Jesus Christ.

i'd ship leo and zia like the more I think about this I want to write a fan fiction about it, sorry carter leo is just hotter than you (no pun intended)