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Teleri: All Teleri, from Valinor to the Silvan Elves, share a love for music and song and for water...

The Silvan Elves were in origin Teleri, and so remoter kin of the Sindar, though even longer separated from them than the Teleri of Valinor. They were descended from those of the Teleri who, on the Great Journey, were daunted by the Misty Mountains and lingered in the Vale of Anduin, and so never reached Beleriand or the Sea. They were thus closer akin to the Nandor (otherwise called the Green-elves) of Ossiriand, who eventually crossed the mountains and came at last into Beleriand.

Sindar: Also known as the Grey Elves, invited to the light of Aman but delaying in Middle-Earth. Some had the silver hair of their noble lineage though most were dark haired. Sindar were closely related to the High-Elf clan of Teleri, since the king of Sindar was Thingol, as the king of Teleri was Olwe, his brother. Once the memory of invitation to Aman over the sea is woken, a Sindarin Elf would feel great yearnings. It appeared in Legolas, prince of Sindar origin.

Famous Teleri: Cirdan the Shipwright by Cocoz42.deviantart.com. Círdan (Nowë) was a Telerin Elf, a great mariner and shipwright, and lord of the Falas during much of the First Age. He was the bearer of the Great Ring Narya, which he in turn gave to Gandalf. In the Third Age he remained at the Grey Havens, destined to sail on the last ship to Valinor. He had a beard, which was rare for Elves, and was of great age at the time of the War of the Ring.

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