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The grail cup associated with the Magdalene speaks of something far more ancient than biblical times. It symbolizes the alchemical vessel that holds the primordial waters, the life blood that flows forth all creation, just as the reference to the Magdalene's blackness is symbolic of the dark and fertile womb of the Great Mother of creation whom she represents. She is ethereal prima materiay - The Alchemy of Magdalene Artists: Peter & Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.

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Throughout history, many sacred teachings have been vigilantly guarded and only passed down from shaman to apprentice through one-on-one teaching, storytelling, and sacred initiations. This is the way of the Sisterhood of the Shields. Photo: Jane Anderson

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Things will happen in your life that will appear to break your spirit, yet these things reside in the mind that perceives them. All thoughts are changeable, dissolvable. Visualize all burdens vaporizing, being lifted from their source. Allow them to float away, if even for a moment, for you are free to return to them at any time. You are also free to release them, let them drift away, and create new perceptions of the same events. Remember, all events are perceptions in the mind❤