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Each time a new person awakens to the universal truth, the whole of humanity rises a notch. The world is awakening. @youaregalaxies #YouAreGalaxies #awakening #spiritual

Lord, as I walk through this world let your grace light my path, your mercy shelter my soul and your love heal my heart.

We are all connected. Doing your DNA analysis with the National Geographic can help you show when your family left Africa to conquer the world. Its interesting that Africans conquered the world and its many habitats. Its nice we can learn we came from a common home continent.

In my perfect world, everyone would find his or her mission and be able to follow that passion. In doing so, we would all change the world.

from Bugburry Pond

Stuck In Emptiness

so just step in and accept some inner peace - begin now with a short meditation wherever you happen to be reading this. Have a peaceful day!