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Geometry Daily holy i want this to be my tramp stamp

Think about experiment with shape and line. Layering the different shapes to create interesting structures.

Geometry Daily — Designspiration

Geometry Daily in Geometric

Infinity — How does infinity relate to time? Is time infinite? "What is today, but yesterday's tomorrow?" - Mr. Krabs

history, sacred geometry has been expressed in music, architecture, observed in the natural world.

Formas, fondos, figuras y cosas locas que me gustan solo a mi.

Dark Side of Typography

Optimal analogue of a higher-dimensional geometry Allowing the least boundary for maximum area in a For a Bee: Most Honey for the least Wax.

#449 Archimedes’ turbine – A new minimal geometric composition each day

geometrydaily: “ Archimedes’ turbine – A new minimal geometric composition each day ”