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Cyclops’ revolution comes to a head! Will the morally compromised Scott Summers save himself from ruin — or will he make that fateful leap?! Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin take on an assignment neither of them thought they would tackle: facing off against a legion of monsters! And Mystique returns, out for vengeance against Cyclops’ revolutionary team! Will Magik’s soulsword be enough to halt the shape-shifter’s wrath? The Jean Grey School,


He's forbidden from putting paws on the desk when he wants his ball thrown. That's his way for going around the rule.

Couple Adopts ‘Saddest Cat’ In The World Nobody Wanted, Here’s How Kitty Transformed In One Hour

kitty boopthe owner was killed by a poltergeist and Cas gets to keep it as long as it stays inside his room at the bunker, but of course it gets out constantly and her favorite place is Dean’s pillow. So Dean’s constantly sneezing and carrying around boxes of tissues but he hardly ever complains because there’s no use since he’d never have the heart to make him get rid of it anyway, and it makes Cas happy, so.

That’s one way to deal with it. <<< Well, at least she's not a Dalek who can't deal with her reality and pretends she's a cat who can't go outside and sits in a potted plant pretending she's outside.


GRUMPY ASHTON ^ someone needs to make a shirt that is the soft kitty song but with ash instead of kitty. I literally wouldn't hesitate to buy this.