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Okay although I agree with some of the statement that Grier said (I think that EVERYONE should shave there armpit hair because it keeps smells and makes people smell worse) Gerard is so much better

Thirty One Chemo Comfort Bags. I love this idea so much!

Dan and Phil have released the song from their TATINOF stage show as a charity single for Stand Up To Cancer! Please buy the song and spread the word to help raise money for cancer research. (You can buy it on iTunes or Google Play)

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This is Visual Journalism [32

Sarin Chemical Warfare Nerve Agent

Black on yellow are the 2 colors with the strongest impact.

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Syria Red Line

Russia President Vladimir Putin’s recent letter to the US public has made his views known about Syria, what the NY Times didn’t stress is a warning to Israel and ALL American’s. That warning is that the Obama supported Free Syrian Army/Al-Qaeda rebels may be planning on launching a chemical attack against Israel, likely to be blamed upon the Syrian government... See article at:

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The worst part is - he's giving it to Muslim terrorists! INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

yes i do, mr. president.. ....I remember Too, Mr President; we MUST Remind the rest!!!! Keep This Pin Moving People!!!!!!........