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Free Bates now!  Yeah!!! I am not the only weirdo who likes Downtown Abbey!! Except my mother ofcourse.....

Free Bates now! I am not the only weirdo who likes Downtown Abbey! Except my mother ofcourse.

Downton Abbey Season 3 in the UK. We have to wait until January 2013 across the pond.

Downton Abbey Season will have to move to Great Britain soon so I can watch Season 3 of Downton Abbey

Bates - Phil Noto

phil noto—if a high school kid watched downton abbey--Bates: Like a boss.

Anna & Bates, Downton Abbey  "You see, if you had a child, and that child was taken from you, if the child was sent to the moon, there'd never be one day when they were out of your thoughts, nor one moment when you weren't praying for their welfare, even if you knew you'd never see them again."

This relationship is one of my favorites, simply because of it's. Neither is in it for social advancement, but out of mutual respect :-)

Mr. Bates from Downton Abby! Such a sweetie!!

Bates from Downton Abby! Such a sweetie!

It's 'Downton', not 'Downtown Abbey'. You make it sound like a whore.

Downtown Abbey sounds like a whore. It's DownTON! Funny because I thought it was downtown abbey at first