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Electric pan ... aluminum, appliance, background, barbecue, black, blank, boiler, burner, button, clean, commercial, cook, cooker, cookery, cooking, cookware, cover, domestic, durable, electric, empty, equipment, food, fry, frying, glass, heat, heater, home, indoors, interior, isolated, kitchen, kitchenware, metal, multiple, oven, pan, pans, pot, power, preparation, scale, smokeless, stove, supply, tool, utensil, water, white

Empty fridge ... Attractive Female, Canned Food, Electrical Equipment, Household appliance, Inside Of, One Young Woman Only, appliance, beautiful, can, depression, dieting, empty, female, freezer, fresh, freshness, fridge, house, hunger, hungry, kitchen, loneliness, looking, night, one young woman, open, refrigerator, sad, sadness, shelf, tin, unhappy, woman, worried

electric socket ... adapter, aerial, appliance, beige, business, button, connect, conservation, consumption, contemporary, current, domestic, double, dramatic, electric, electric socket, electric switch, electricity, electronic, empty, equipment, fork, hardware, interior, isolated, key, light, modern, new, outlet, plastic, socket, splitter, standard, supply, switch, technology, universal, voltage, white

Robot - Insert the battery in the arm ... aa, aaa, ac, anatomy, arm, batteries, battery, body, computer, cyborg, dc, electricity, electronics, empty, finger, fingerprint, five, fun, greeting, hand, hello, help, human, idea, identity, individuality, inspiration, isolated, man, minus, negative, palm, person, plus, positive, power, rechargable, recharge, robot, sign, single, skin, symbol, texture, touching, unique, white, worker, wrist, young

Washing Machine Detail ... 3d, appliance, background, brick, button, circle, clean, clothes, clothing, color, contemporary, control, dial, domestic, door, electric, empty, equipment, finger, front, glass, graphic, hand, household, housework, image, industry, isolated, knob, laundry, machine, new, nobody, object, path, plastic, round, single, spinning, swirl, technology, view, wall, wash, washer, washing, water, wet, white, work

On behalf of the spring green icon ... TV SET, advertising, antenna, banner, box, broadcast, broadcasting, card, cartoon, channel, chat, communication, compact, design, dialog, display, electric, electrical, electronic, empty, entertainment, home, icon, illustration, media, message, movie, news, object, old, retro, screen, show, signal, space, speech, switcher, switching channels, technology, television, template, text, tube, tuner, tv, video, view, vintage, watch antenna