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The Mark of a Great Leader 7 Character Traits of a Great Leader 3. Great leaders insist on healthy relationships

"I don't care about the deals that my husband makes" - Belle and Zelena #OnceUponATime

We all have sins that we confess frequently and that are hard to overcome. Here is an infographic with some means to overcome the 7 deadly sins. What other ways can you think of to eradicate sin from our lives?

Finrod Felagund sings for the mortals (that's my bae)<<this is one of my favorite stories, and I think this is the best depiction I've seen of it

Inspired by @teachingwithappitude and her students' adjective collages, have your students do the same with their favorite book characters. Visual steps in my #instastory how-to also: 1)Take a pic of the character 2)Open PicCollage 3)Create New 4)Select + 5)Insert Photo (from Camera Roll) 6)Double tap pic & CLIP 7)Trace around the character 8)Add text in PicCollage app or Phonto app. 9)Save to your Camera Roll. That's it! Double tap if you like. And, tag a teacher who you think will like…