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The Mark of a Great Leader 7 Character Traits of a Great Leader 3. Great leaders insist on healthy relationships

The Dressmaker (Nov 2015) - it was good. Kate's accent is excellent. Good story. Beautifully shot and costumed, funny and quirky yet appropriately depressing in parts (it is an Australian film afterall). The only thing is the age thing; liam hemsworth is clearly too young to be playing a person that kate's character went to school with and since that it kind of key to the story it interferes with the viewing experience. 3.5 stars

Make a Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

Breakfast at Tiffany's Her cheeks! Oh, her eyelashes. Great focus points for make up. :) -pq

21 Of Luke Danes' Best Lines On "Gilmore Girls"

I wish we got to see more of Yahiko Konan and Nagato they seemed like they woulld be like a funnier team 7

Comforting Scripture Verses | Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. - Romans 5:3-4

Lindsey Stirling Phantom of the Opera! Her music MUST be included in the soundtrack! That just makes it all twice as epic. :)