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"Yes" to the Person, "No" to the Task Asserting Yourself While Maintaining Relationships

Pin for Later: 85 Types of Kisses Everyone Should Experience at Least Once The Elevator Makeout Source: Film District

#notetoself...... Be aware of what society has done to brainwash us on wgat the "American Drean" is. Don't let that shit change you. In reality, it doesn't matter wgat xar you drive or how big your house is. Respect and appreciate the quality of the things that can't ever be replaced. Like relationships, love, family, friends. Don't take these things for granted. Before it's too late. Spread some positive energy so that people can learn from you. Say thank you when people hold the door for…

Regardless of the best #planning, #strategizing, #negotiating, #organizing, etc. nothing in #life is guaranteed. Just ask the: ▪ #husband who buried his #wife who died before her 40th birthday. ▪ #parents who have a sick #child ▪ #sister who lost her #bother to #violence (#police or other) ▪ #couple who cannot conceive a child ▪ #entrepreneur who is in the ‘red’ ▪ people experiencing unrest, fighting, #struggle, violence in their communities ▪ person who left their house today not knowing…

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