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Facts about the Middle Ages Part 3: The Dark Ages!
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Facts about the Middle Ages Part 3: The Dark Ages!

Facts about the Middle Ages Part 3: The Dark Ages! --Seriously wishing the poster had used a black outline for their white text, I can only read part of it.


One Thing You Didn’t Know About The Dark Ages

One Thing You Didn't Know About The Dark Ages

Charlemagne - also known as Charles the Great, was King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 to 814. He expanded the Frankish kingdom into an empire that incorporated much of Western and Central Europe. His rule is also associated with the Carolingian Renaissance, a revival of art, religion, and culture through the medium of the Catholic Church. Through his foreign conquests and internal reforms, Charlemagne helped define both Western Europe and the European Middle Ages.

The Stone of Scone, a venerated relic, which Scottish Kings had been crowned on since the Dark Ages, was taken in 1296 and removed to Westminster. It was incorporated in a coronation chair specially built for this purpose at Westminster Abbey and has only recently been returned to Scotland. The banner of Scottish resistance was taken up by the patriot William Wallace, he was both a brave and resourceful opponent and defeated Edward's forces at Stirling Bridge in 1297.

Glastonbury Tor | Since the alleged discovery of Arthur and Guinevere's remains in the 12th century, it has been claimed that Glastonbury Tor stands on the site of ancient Avalon, the island where Arthur died following his final battle against Mordred. Once surrounded by marshland, Glastonbury Tor was virtually an island during the Dark Ages.

Interior Design History:  Decorating styles throughout the ages.

Interior Design History: Decorating Styles Through the Ages

Interior Design History: Decorating styles throughout the ages.

History Channel - The Dark Ages (Complete Documentary) The History Channel examines the Dark Ages from the fall of the Roman Empire to the First Crusade. Director: Christopher Cassel Writers: Christopher Cassel, Alexander Emmert Stars: Philip Daileader, Kelly DeVries and Bonnie Effros George Anton Watch Free Full Movies Online: click and SUBSCRIBE Anton Pictures

Medieval Europe: Welcome to Medieval Europe - YouTube

The Dark Ages...How Dark Were They, Really?: Crash Course World History #14, 12 minutes, excellent