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Men's Stainless Steel Marine Link Bracelet, 9" Amazon Curated Collection. $15.99. Stainless Steel creates a modern jewelry look.. Made in China

Men's Stainless Steel Stone Finish with Black IP Cross Pendant Necklace Amazon Curated Collection. $29.00. Made in China. Save 27% Off!

14k Yellow Gold Men's Mother Mary Oval Picture Medal Amazon Curated Collection. $138.99. Save 54% Off!

Stainless Steel Beads on Black Cotton Cord Bracelet, 8" Extender Amazon Curated Collection. $29.00. Made in China

Two-Tone Stainless Steel Men's Cross Link Bracelet (20mm Wide) 9 Inches West Coast Jewelry. $25.95. Save 35% Off!

24" 3mm KONOV Jewelry Silver Stainless Steel Unisex Men's Necklace O Chain 14-40" inch, 3mm, 24 inch KONOV Jewelry. $7.99. Width: 3mm(0.12") Length Selectable: 14 inch - 40 inch. This stainless steel necklace is your link to fashion. Material: Stainless Steel. Color: Silver. Save 80% Off!

Stainless Steel Link Two Tone Polished and Satin Mens Bracelet 8 inch 13 mm DazzlingRock Collection. $14.99. Get most bang for your buck. Length of the bracelet is 8.5 inches. It is a trendy accessory and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.. Stainless Steel Bracelet. Save 50%!

Stainless Steel Men's Black Polished Iron Cross Ring . $7.99. Gothic Iron Cross Etching on this polished black masculine design. 6 millimeters wide. Available in Size 9 &10. Stainless steel construction promises lasting shine.

KONOV Jewelry Polished Two-Tone Stainless Steel Band Ring, Gold Silver (Available in Size 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) KONOV Jewelry. $7.99. Width: 8mm (0.31 inches). Material: Stainless Steel. Available sizes: 8 - 12. Color: Gold & Silver