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Wrigley's Juice Fruit Gum Holiday Assortment Gift, 50 pc, 4.8 oz

I'm hosting the party this year, so I decided I'd better come up with a festive Halloween cocktail to serve. To keep things simple I wanted to do a punch bowl set-up on the console table. This is a variation of a recipe that I found on Sunset which you can see here. I tried their recipe, and then made some adjustments including the addition of pomegranate juice. It's very much like a sangria with wine and fruit juices, and some booze mixed in. Cheap-o wine works great - no need to use…

I am a lazy fruit eater. If I just pack an apple or an orange in my lunch bag, I'm not likely to stop and eat them. When I'm sitting in front of a computer, the last thing I want to do is get my fingers sticky or spray juice all over the keyboard. But I do want to eat much more fruit during the workday; it's a great snack and lunch accompaniment. So here are five ways I like to prep fruit ahead of time for easier on-the-go snacking.

Today I wanted to keep things rather simple for breakfast. Simple, but tasty and dairy-free! Like I've said, I'm trying to be a little more plant based lately. I decided that a breakfast bowl was the way to go, so I grabbed one of my leftover grapefruits from the fridge and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I used the juices of the grapefruit along with some local honey to make a sort of faux fruit cocktail to go atop one into my breakfast bowl. A 'not quite ripe' banana will work…

@Regrann from @sagecanaday - I'm proud to make my blood test results public through ITRA's "Quartz " project. Why? Because I have nothing to hide and I want to help promote a #cleansport . The only thing I'm on is clean veggies and fruits (and this @florahealthy beet juice!). #plantbased #ws100 #Regrann

For the next 45 seconds, I want to go through the list of things I've done right! Number one, full-length back tattoo of the Hawaiian Punch guy! 10% real fruit juice, motherfuckers!

GLASS BOTTLE W/SILCONE SLEEVE It's just a water bottle like you're just a person. Envisioned in San Francisco, it's for you to fill. Whatever you want inside - tap or bubbly water, your favorite natural high fructose-free fruit juice, chocolate milk, bathtub gin, or what have you. Give up your plastic habits. We don't eat things we can't pronounce or marinate our water in polyethylene terephthalate. $28

Do you SUFFER from Eczema? Man, do I have a story for YOU! Megan is a Saba Associate who is sharing this story on a ACE Testimonies♥ Facebook. I just HAD to share her story with YOU! "I want to share this personal testimony of one of our products, Saba Pomegranate juice. I have suffered from eczema my whole life and its intensity changes from season to season. This winter it has been especially bad. I heard good things about this product and decided to give it a try. (I didn't change any…

I’ve heard about this awesome weight loss juice from a friend of mine, who kept a 10 daysjuice cleanse and lost about 10 pounds with no effort! I decided to try it myself, as I want tolose a couple of pounds too. Of course, the lost pounds amount is different for each person,depending on your weight. Diets aren’t really my thing. I prefer to eat healthy and makeoverall good food choices and it seems to be enough to maintain my weight but if you havemore than just a few extra pounds, this ...

I have never seen this stuff before. They have lime and lemon juice powder also. I want it!

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