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Judy Margulies a #JOBCLUB member for life proudly shared that she received help and assistance from Goodwill’s Job Developers to re-enter the workforce. She said, “I would not have been able to do this without Goodwill, your support and assistance. I'm very grateful and a forever supporter of Goodwill!

Read about the experience of J. Jhondi Harrell, Goodwill Industries International’s 2013 Kenneth Shaw Graduate of the Year, who received job training and placement services at @GoodwillNJ : “Through each step of this process, Goodwill has been there to support my efforts with moral support and encouragement.”

Did you know that by donating just one bag of clothing to #Goodwill you can help someone in need receive an hour of job training on a new job? Find out more about how your donations make an impact at

100% #Goodwill Proud! By shopping at and donating to Goodwill you help people with special needs get to work! #Goodwill #weputpeopletowork

Are you or someone you know looking for a job? Visit Goodwill's #JOBCLUB! Job Club is held every Tuesday and Wednesday in Goodwill's Stratford and Maple Shade Offices. Meet with employment specialists to help with your job search, build your resume and recommend employment opportunities.

Our Mission to help people find and keep jobs starts and ends with the community who donate and shop at #Goodwill. Goodwill loves you!

Meet Terrell and Jerrell. Enthusiastic and outgoing twin brothers who work at #Goodwill’s Outsourcing and Fulfillment Center completing jobs like filling pretzel bags for J Snack Foods, repairing remotes for Comcast® and assembling mailers for Destination Maternity. When asked what their favorite part about working at Goodwill is, they both agreed, “Being able to work hard, be with your friends and get paid.” #goodwill #weputpeopletowork

Meet Kim Reeves. Kim works at #Goodwill’s Outsourcing & Production Fulfillment Center working on a variety of jobs like collating coupons and assembly and mailing projects for companies like Destination Maternity. Kim says her favorite thing about working at Goodwill is, "Having people who help you during the day and of course, getting paid!" #goodwillhelpspeoplegettowork

Meet LaToya. LaToya works on assembly jobs for companies like Destination Maternity. Her favorite thing about working at Goodwill: “Everything. My paycheck and the people. It makes me happy to come to work every day.” #GoodwillProud