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Growers exhibit at the Florida Orange Festival - Winter Haven, Florida

With the arrival of autumn, Barcelona becomes orange-brown thanks to the fallen leaves and ochre brightness of the building fronts. I like to enjoy this palette of colours most in the city’s markets: chestnuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, dried fruit and nuts, panellets and candied oranges are the protagonists of La Castanyada, one of Catalonia’s fondest popular festivals in which we stuff ourselves with all of these products along with a glass of moscatell (sweet wine).

Want a super-adorable, easy-to-make Easter snack? Look no further than these pretzel bunnies and ducks – only a few ingredients will transform these pretzels into a festive treat! For the pretzel ducks: yellow Meckens chocolate pretzels orange decorating gel black decorating gel Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes at a really low [...]

In our Nepali culture the marigold flower is very significant. They are used as decoration for weddings, festivals and religious events. We also use them to welcome people at the door like on this photo or we give it to our guests as a necklace. • • • Read more about Nepal and our culture on www.bymountainpeople.com • • • #namaste #welcome #Nepal #Marigold #flower #door #travelNepal #visitNepal #blue #turquoise #orange #contrast #colored #flowers #coloured #travel #ancient #history…

porsche ruf ctr3 cs by jasoncornish on Flickr.Via Flickr: at goodwood festival of speed 2012

Nothing screams Halloween like orange-and-black food! We’ve got you covered with super-festive cookies, tarts, cocktails, and much, much more. Bat and Cobweb Cookies Gingerbread cookies become Halloween-ready when shaped like bats and cobwebs and decorated with orange-and-black royal icing.

If you want your wedding to feel festive and fun, then a vibrantly-colored bouquet is a natural choice. We're seeing an explosion of hot pinks and oranges, with multicolor arrangements reserved for the most daring brides.

The rest of the boutonnieres will be varied construction using pink and orange ranunculus, orange spray roses, pink festival bush, yellow waxflowers and seasonal greenery (each a little different).

Santa's Perfect Cookie 'White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies, with Orange'! #festive #baking #santa #christmas #cooking

La fête du citron, or lemon festival, is held every year in Menton on the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) in February/March.

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