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Mysterious Space Signal Indicates “Missing Matter” in…They have only ever detected a few of these types of signals. And apparently this one is changing the scientific modeling of a lot of astronomy departments. Basically an FRB is a fast radio burst. They still do not know for sure where they come from but the majority of astronomers think they come from pulsars. However, there is debate amongst the astronomy and space fan communities alike.

#Astronomy: How do we know dark matter exists? | via @physorg_com

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Stellar Quakes

Stellar Quakes- In December 2004, a neutron star flared up so brightly,it temporarily blinded all x-ray satellites in space, NASA

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Was Earth Hit by a Gamma-Ray Burst in 775 AD?

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CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope, which has been used to confirm a population of Fast Radio Bursts, is shown superimposed on an image showing the distribution of gas in our Galaxy. An artist’s impression of a single fast radio burst is shown located well away from the Galactic plane emission. Fast radio bursts are a new population of radio source located at cosmological distances. Credit: Swinburne Astronomy Productions


Strange Fast Radio Bursts: Aliens Or Produced By Collisions Between Neutron Stars And Asteroids?


Fast Radio Bursts On Repeat – Aliens, Or A Rotating Neutron Star? New study propose a different model and explain FRBs nature


FRBs: Mystery repeating radio signals discovered emanating from unknown cosmic source By Hannah Osborne March 2, 2016 18:00 GMT

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A mystery mathematical pattern in space could be a message from aliens

Space radio waves align in mysterious mathematical pattern, could be produced by alien technology - Science - News - The Independent

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Has the mystery of 'alien signals' been solved?

Mysterious 'alien signals,' have perplexed astronomers for almost a decade. Now, research from the Nanjing University in China may have found the answer behind fast radio bursts.