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Giant Mesquite Bugs live on various species of mesquite tree in the Southwest US and in Mexico. You can find these large leaf-footed bugs most easily in late summer and fall.

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1897 Insects Antique Print, Bugs Lithograph, Insects Illustration, Beetles Poster, Jewel Beetles, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Damselfly, Mantis

Antique lithograph published by Larousse in France in 1897, beautifully detailed, depicting 49 examples of INSECTS. Condition: Very good; Text

Feather Horned Beetle with Long Bushy 'Eyebrows'(Rhipicera femorata) by thefeaturedcreature: Males use their fantastic (hah!) antennae to locate a female feather-horned beetle that’s emitting pheromones which indicate she is ready for mating. Photo by ron_and_beth #Insects #Australia

Eupholus benetti. Eupholus benetti Gestro, 1876 (Curculionidae) Papua New Guinea, Morobe prov., Aseki subdistrict, Hiewini vill., 23.01.1998

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Brightly coloured Bugs

Coleoptera mosaic ~ Capture & arrangement of beetle specimens by Christopher Marley. In principal I'm wholly against killing or displaying dead creatures, whether they're insects or grizzly bears, for human gratification - but these are indeed beautiful.

this Scorpion fly is beautiful and the photo shows it it. i love the how the photographer was able to get the pattern to pop like that and also how the natural lines flow through the photos