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Stop Monsanto Lettuce Be Let Us Be GMO FREE Organic Logo T-shirt
Buy ONLY organic corn! You can get it out of season in the freezer section at your local store. If your grocer doesn't carry it, demand it. Your purchases can cast a vote for a better food supply! #onlyorganic
Lettuce Be Let Us Be GMO FREE Organic Logo Tee Shirt Anti-Monsanto Against Monsanto Vegan Vegetarian Gifts
Grow local, go local and be vocal. This is how WE win!
can cause allergy or at the least digestive and other upsets, deadly poison to some animals
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Brilliant scientist. Remembering hearing her speak years ago. Are people finally waking up? Hope so.
Activist Post: Supreme Court Gives Monsanto Full Ability to Sue Farmers Monsanto is nazi beware
This goes for simply quality plant based food to avoid illnesses. Invest in your food now, or pay your doctors later, a lot more.
GMO free seed companies