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Camille Plumlee is a professional who provides interior home decorating. She also offers interior painting, home staging, home remodeling, and more. Open pin to view 14 photos and get a free quote.

Home Staging for 2014 - Statistics that support the industry growth, what stagers are saying, why start a business, outlook for the industry Call us today for a quote and have your home sold tomorrow!

To many sellers try to sell their homes vacant. I made this of my many Staging Sayings up while Standing in a vacant LR with a seller. By showing him pictures of other vacant homes that I had Staged while we stood in his vacant house got the point across! He could see then his vacant house wasn't making it sell at all. Barb Schwarz

I came up with this Staging Saying when I first saw PacMan. Remember that computer game. The little PacMan eating things made me think of a sellers equity being eaten when the house is cluttered and doesn't sell. It is true, Get rid of the clutter! I have seen that from the day I invented Home Staging 40 years ago. Barb Schwarz

Money coach Dave Ramsey gives advice on selling your home during the holiday season ... and endorses home staging as a tool to help sell it faster #HomeStagingTips #RealEstateStagingAssociation

Home staging is no longer an option in this real estate market, it's a must. #realestate real estate quote #realtor

Every home, every room, the outside of the house, it all communicates a message.That is why some buyers do not want to go into some houses, or leave the minute they walk in, because of the message the outside or the inside conveys. I came up with this of my many Staging Sayings standing across the street from a sellers house. I asked the seller, "what kind of message did he think his house conveyed?" It worked, he said yes to Staging his house after I asked him that question! Barb Schwarz

Chelle Van Wassenhove offers kitchen and bath remodeling, project management, mill work designs and home organization services. She also provides e-designs, home staging and space planning. Read more on our website and get a free quote.