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These edits are killing me. I love Haymitch and Effie for trying to protect Katniss and Peeta

I see people saying that it would have been more tragic if Peeta or Katniss died in the end. They did. The Peeta and Katniss of "The Hunger Games" never made it out of the arena. They lost themselves. And that's what makes it tragic.

As upset as I was about him dying, you can't just undo that and pretend like it never happened, it's done, it hurt, but it's the original story we all fell in love with

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danielle on

katniss and peeta

not sure if i should laugh or cry...

Hunger Games // what getting the pin should have looked like--- YES! Because they left out a whole character who actually becomes kind of important later on and how in the world are they going to explain that whole thing?!