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Wooden sculpture at Hardwick Hall, Durham, England

Mermaid~ ( quote below found on the board of Lu Gavazzi translated from Portuguese... "I carry with me a magic box where I keep my most beautiful treasures. Everything I learned from life, everything I gained over time... -Cris Carvalho

This is a collab with the very talented !!! Go look in his gallery NOW! We have spent too much time on this lol, trying to render it as much as we could! We both started out with a sketch each, and...

This could easily be a scene from White Mountain - Book 1 of The Darkling Chronicles, as Gralen, Korrun, Wendya, Mr. Agyk and the dworll soldiers find themselves in the sunken cavern beneath Kallorm - 'City of Light'.

Sculpture in wood. Anna Darbinyan