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Alte Dose um 1915 Norblin&Co Warszawa!


Churros - das Rezept zum Selbermachen

Das knusprige Spritzgebäck aus Spanien schmeckt am besten mit gaaaanz viel Schokosoße!

Via @instabynina ❤️ Que tal uma dose de amor próprio para a…

So true! From left to right starting from the top row: Kyoya Ootori (Ouran Highschool Host Club), William T. Spears(Black Butler), Rei Ryugazaki(Free!), Austria(Hetalia), Yukio Okumura(Blue Exorcist), Claude Faustus(Black Butler), Grell Sutcliff(Black Butler), Sebastian Michaelis(Black Butler) and America(Hetalia). I just realized I forgot Ronald... Oh well XD

No, technically, but the whole bloody fandom wanted to hear it anyway. :p

<3 Funny because I once made a series of tiny snowmen out of snowballs and placed them all over the top of our car. This brings back memories.

For real!!! Rascal has almost kicked me straight in the face countless times!!!!

Your insecure, don't know what for>>seriously Niall is gorgeous!!!!!! He is perfect in every way xoxo