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Cool Concept Art by Marat Arslanov

Awesome necromancer magic in the background. Consider green for necromancer? Armor and sword suggest sanguimancer. Are their many female sanguimancers? If so, how many are barbarians, how many are assassins, and how many are classic casters?

The Warmest Space Marine

Artist: Choi Won Chun aka Doo - Title: APPLIBOT16s - Card: Drimoa the Guild Leader (Steady) #fighter #paladin

warrior by *kir-tat on deviantART. Still thinking that these relativelt unisex loincloth thingies aren't exactly comfortable, and her face is still a little too 'come hither' like, but at least her armour's realistic and practical, which is saying a lot!

Das Maedchen mit der Haube, Eve Ventrue on ArtStation at

(Duty) Altruistic Rose Musketeers