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Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I want to paint some candleholders like this. Witch Pagan craft inspiration

This is one of my favorites on Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies & Pagan Supplies Experts-Eclectic Artisans: 4 Elemental Candle Holders - Earth, Air, Fire, .


Earth Evocation Parchment Poster or Book of Shadows Page

Tuesday Correspondence

Tuesday Correspondence

"Water Signs/Cancer&&Pisces"

Ryu's Photo from September Earth, Fire, Water and Air Signs Check out our photo gallery. Part of the photo album: Getting to know you

The Friendly Witch — I'm in the western United States- how should I...

Anonymous said: I'm in the western United States- how should I celebrate Yule and what can I do to prepare? What gods and goddesses does this celebrate? Here are some bits and.