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Afterwards, Cox decided to post a photo of Cody on Facebook to spread the message about how impressed he was by the teen. The story blew up, and has since been shared nearly 100,000 times. | This 14-Year-Old Spent The Day Mowing Lawns To Take His Girlfriend Out


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21 Secrets Guys With Short Girlfriends Won't Tell You

It’s only fair though, since your S.O. has to take two steps for every one normal-size person step.

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Daniel Radcliffe And His Girlfriend Performing Eminem At Karaoke Is Perfect

Erin Darke & Daniel Radcliffe

New Employee Gives Manager The Biggest Shock Ever. This Is Priceless.

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Parents Share The Awkward, Hilarious Things Their Kids Have Done With Technology

Awkward Hilarious,Hilarious Things,Naked Selfie,Parents Share,Young,Technology,Kid,The O'Jays,Funnies

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50 Reasons Why The World Is Ending

baby jersey shore...