Brown sugar chicken, purples potatoes and puertorrican white rice.

Arroz Blanco (Mexican White Rice) I have made this countless times. The only thing I do differently is instead of parsley, I add cilantro. This is the best rice I've ever had. Delicious. :)

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Se det här fotot av @nikki_t_fitness på Instagram • riced cauliflower with veggies I was like BONUS its already in tiny pieces and mixed with things I do like! AND it's only 5 carbs a serving. I cooked it and added it to my white puffed up my entire meal making me fuller, blended with normal rice, and tasted great definitely a new staple! Marslammet lowcal

WHITE RICE I always get compliments on my rice. Maybe just because it isn’t one of the flavored boxed rices that you see all the time. I was taught how to cook this by a very special lady, who never really measured things out. So I had to do the best I could to reproduce this by taste. The way I make rice isn’t as much a recipe as it is a method.

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