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This is my nuno felted JellyFish. He stands about 18" tall. Wet felted with 100% wool, then needle felted over a wire armature. He was then airbrushed with fabric & acrylic paints. He also has glowing "El Wire" inside his tentacles. In the dark it glows bright blue and can be seen through the very thin layers of felt. christine prusha

collection of homemade kitchen utensils, made out of wire by Alexander Calder in his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, btwn 1935-40 (photo by Herbert Matter, 1950)

Ya no lucho más con mis demonios interiores. Ahora estamos en el mismo lado.

'The Sad Hours, 1900, by Ramon Casa i Carbo' SAD COLOURS - the colours here are muted and dark and reflect the sad subject matter and name of this artwork.

A man - no matter what his age - needs a space to call his own. This masculine bedroom in dark grays and silvery accessories belie a love of cars, machines, and all things manly.

Housing Industry

This 1950s kitchen in Oxnard, CA is in bad need of an update.The knotty pine cabinetry had funky details, the linoleum floor was still intact from its original installation and overall, the space was cramped and dark. With a little ingenuity, the dark cramped space was transformed into a bright and functional contemporary kitchen. Barring ripping out all the cabinetry, there were easy ways to give this room a complete “facelift” in a matter of weeks by using some paint and changing out some…

Color and Mood

No matter how you want to feel in your home -- comfortable or creative, serene or energized, private or ready to share -- color is the way to achieve it. Here's how to decorate with colors in the right tone for the mood you w

How to Add “Old House” Character & Charm to Your Newer Home {Step 6

This bathroom is luxurious and its also practical, the mixture of the interesting blue on the walls with the dark vanity and white touches keeps the space feeling airy and fresh.