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[OC] My first attempt at glitch art. As my friend called it, Marilyn Missingno. - Imgur

#Supreme | #BraskoDesign Marilyn m.

You can set up questions and then never supply any concrete resolution, which I think means you’re free to ask really interesting questions. It’s not a frame of a film, there’s no next moment; all you get is that one image. I love that about [painting]. You’re not let down by a shitty ending because everyone makes their own ending, one that resonates for them.

Marylin, you will find your place somewhere on my walls.

I want to make this but I'm so bad at origami

I want to make this but I'm so bad at origami

FREE PRINTABLE watercolor backgrounds. Overlay text, cut out shapes, whatever you want!

Margaret Storer-Roche Here is another attempt at using my Pinterest ideas...the above sample inspired a fun fall sharpie and "wat...