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Yorgun Kayikçi

5 How to make amzing bases with cork board and Martian Ironearth Technical Paint Tutorial

Cracked lava base using Agrellan Earth technical paint

The flesh is celestra grey, Gw's oxide technical paint, way watcher green glaze, highlighted celestra grey and sybarite green mix The wood is dryad bark highlighted with dryad bark and zamesi desert adding more zamesi until happy then wash the whole wood area with athonian camoshade

PAINTING PORTRAITS covers everything specific to painting portraits THE ART OF PORTRAIT PAINTING ....is a skill that takes many years to master. As well as the technical painting skills, which you need to paint portraits, the portrait painter needs to bring out the subjects personality. It is the job of the artist to bring out this image on the canvass. If you look at portraits of past masters, you will quickly notice that the subjects was often depicted in its favourite environment.

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