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László Moholy-Nagy, Z VII, 1926 Más

László Moholy-Nagy, Konstruktion Z VII, 1926 / Bildnachweis: National Gallery Washington / © 2015 VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Sleeping Like A Bauhäusler |  The legendary Bauhaus campus in Dassau now welcomes guests who wish to spend the night in one of its historical buildings. [...]

Sleeping Like A Bauhäusler

László Moholy-Nagy, Cuadro telefónico. 1922

László Moholy-Nagy, Cuadro telefónico. 1922

Anni Albers - Black-White-Yellow, 1926

Anything Bauhaus. Anni Albers, Black-White-Yellow, 1926 Cotton and artificial fibers. x cm x 48 inches) Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Hinnerk Scheper, colour design for apartment F of the Narkomfin building, Moskau, 1929 / Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, (c) estate Scheper

Mural Painting - The Bauhaus Collection (virtual) - Bauhaus-Archiv

Senecio Artist: Paul Klee Year: 1922 Type: Oil on canvas

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Slit Tapestry Red-Green, author: Gunta Stölzl, 1927–1928. Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016.

de Gunta Stölzl, Red-Green Slit Tapestry, Gunta Stölzl’s tapestry is ostentatiously independent of the basic rectangular structure.

László Moholy-Nagy on the balcony of the Prellerhaus in Dessau (1927)

László Moholy-Nagy (Fotografie), Walter Gropius (Architektur), Bauhaus balconies in Dessau, 1927 / Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin © VG Bild-Kunst (Royalties Collection Society), Bonn

Food stylist photographer Nicola Walsh, of studio Nicky, create her Bauhaus-style food photo series after a visit to the Bauhaus museum in Berlin. Inspired by Bauhaus artist and professor László Moholy-Nagy, she married her love of beautifully plated food with the angular designs of the 20th-century collective. (Photo: Nicola Walsh)

Minimalist Bauhaus-Style Food Photography

Bauhaus food: Berlin-based photographer Nicola “Nicky” Walsh and food stylist Max Faber

Here we see Futura presented in a constructivist style or something straight out of the Bauhaus. Maybe futuristic type of poster would have been more fitting? Either way, futura was popular in the 70's and why it has a retro feeling despite being created in the 20's.:

Here we see Futura presented in a constructivist style or something straight out of the Bauhaus.

1950 Otto Treumann (1919–2001) is a major pioneer in the modernization of graphic design in the Netherlands. Inspired by Swiss typography & Bauhaus aesthetics. His oeuvre combines easy-to-read visual elements with iconoclastic color treatment, enhanced by his wide knowledge of printing techniques. Treumann enjoyed a special relationship with industrial clients, devising house styles and logos.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht Poster, 1950 German-born Dutch commercial artist Otto Treumann fled his home in Fürth, Germany with his Jewish family in 1935 to escape Nazi persecution, settling in.