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27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

What's going on at Hogwarts now: | 27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

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Community Post: 22 Signs You Are A Harry Potter Super-Fan

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21 People Who Have Some Explaining To Do

Padfoot I told you to stay in the car! Now look at us we're going to muggle jail and how are they going to explain when suddenly the dog and deer turn into people?

Where are you from? I'm from the greater Half-blood Hill, TARDIS, Hogwarts, Dead Character Graveyard, Storybrooke, the Literal Heart of Jesus, Feels, Narnia, District 12, the Maze, and 221B Baker Street.

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27 Delightful Obsolete Words It's High Time We Revived

Meaning: To feel ill because of excessive eating/drinking. Origin: As in: Blerg. The morning after St. Patrick’s Day. I feel crapulous. (This one's not completely gone--I've heard people use it, including me).

<b>You can use dollar store finds and household items for an absolutely magical effect.</b>
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33 Cheap And Easy Ways To Throw An Epic Harry Potter Halloween Party