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el hombre es grande cuando esta de rodillas.

from Caroline Sofia

Some quotes that made me smile today!

So true!!! Just have to keep that at the for front of my mind

Me--XNTX, here. Lol. It is a biological impulse of Ego perceiving a value of itself it hadn't previously thought/felt it had, IF feelings love; it exists; there are different kinds; I have them all labeled and categorized by components. Now, for my Fi and Fe loves--passionate and compassionate. Ha. See? Told And my rational Ti commitment love.... And the Ne-Ti-Fe-Si blend; Hope and faith through imagination of all possibilities and seeing all perspectives through Ne; Ti…

Kellin Quinn. It's funny because Jenn and I were having a conversation this morning about how gorgeous Kellin is. lol More

Mother Teresa - What a heart for people this precious woman had.....may we follow her example!

Those who pray, have hope. Those who pray little, are in great danger. Those who do not pray, are lost. - St. Padre Pio

All I want to do is serve the HAPPY GOD with JOY .... every single day...FOREVER!