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BEATLES - the beatles (1) korea vinyl lp Korea Only & Unique Cover NM- -

Vintage feel: Records (19 photos)

#5 records therefore recorded vinlys of artists such as the doors, san cisco and the old school boys referring to the beach boys anything other is considered "mainstream"

Nothing compares to vinyl yet! Neil Young is working on new sound system. Hurry up, please.

The Red & Black Colored Vinyl Version of Blurryface is exclusive to the Official Twenty One Pilots Webstore: #twentyonepilots #blurryface

Lorde - Pure Heroine LP

Did anyone notice how the first line of the album is, "Don't you think it's boring how people talk?" And the last line is, "Let em' talk." I SWEAR SHE IS A GENIUS.

Adele - 21 LP and MP3

dear Adele, you are most wonderful. thanks for your vocal gift.