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Explore Coins 1962, Uncirculated Silver and more!

1962 Franklin Half Uncirculated Silver Coin -

!965 SILVER dime VERY rare. $9000.00 These 5 coins most vaulable but LOTS of error coins to look for and collect !

7 Rare Wheat Pennies Worth Collecting & What They're Worth - The Fun Times Guide to U.S. Coins

Some info on coins you may have in your pocket that make them collectible and more valuable than you think

Rare Us Coins | Get to Know the 3 Most Valuable American Coins

Math reference sheet Great tool for students!... - great, just need to replace the US coins with Canadian coins :) @Lynne Nussey McBrien :)

from HobbyLark

State Quarter Errors List

Kansas quarter • Kansas became the 34th state in 1861. The Kansas quarter features sunflowers (state flower of Kansas) and an American buffalo. The magnificent American buffalo was recognized as the official animal symbol of Kansas in 1955.

$1,000,000 dollars all day long for this one.

A really simple, yet effective, worksheet to help teach you're 1st grader how to recognize coins.

Site for teaching money and President's Day! You have to search the blog for this activity (March 2012); however, it is a great site with wonderful ideas.