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Why do I taste my eye drops?

The Eye and Vision

The Eye and Vision

lacrimal-apparatus-includes-lacrimal-sac-gland-punctum-canaliculus-nasolacrimal-duct-inferior-meatus-of-nasal-cavity.jpg (580×556)

accessory structures of the eye, extrinsic eye muscles, anatomy of the eyeball and microscopic anatomy of the retina.

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Blanco facecharts, to create makeup looks on paper. Great for makeup school or moodboards. Print on watercolor paper for the best result!

Beautiful face chart wish I was that good

This face chart is lovely i love the lavender pink lip and the golden eye make up if i was doing this look i would add a more sparkly pigmented eye colour.

Contornos perfeitos.                           Perfects contours.

How amazing is this? you are so talented! I'm so flattered that I was your inspiration for this ❤️