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That our generation--and future ones--may continue to enjoy our hard-fought freedom, it could not be said enough: Thank you for your service. #VeteransDay2016 #honoringvets #neverforget #USarmedforces #homeofthefree #america #SMM #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement #redstringsocial

Americans Spoke And Said Enough! Our Voices Do Matter! ~ This election ripped our country apart. The last 8 years sought to destroy us and deflate us. It sought to take God from America. It sought to wreak suffering in the world and silence our voice. But.. Americans told the liberals and globalist that wreaked havoc not only on this nation but the world that we have had enough! I say get over it. [...]

As most photographers I have chosen this medium because I realised that I was not gifted enough for drawing painting or even sculpting. This means of expression gives me complete freedom to grab what my eye and moreover my mind creates as a projection of what I am inside. I am mainly inspired by Alec Soths work among others. He seems to have an accurate vision of what nowadays photography is: All is about linking things together despite their differences and the irreducible distance between…

Following God's will always means going against social conventions and people's expectations at times. It also means leaving behind people-pleasing habits that serve to enslave and maintain an easy, supposedly peaceful status quo. But following God's will always means freedom.