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Beautiful Grell Sutcliff (◕‿◕✿)

Gave out too much money on Manga and stuff.. ~ DarksideAnime

And I thought I was just crazy! But nope o guess I'm just crazy, smart and tired! 😂

#anime #meme #funny >> literally me with my 7,000 screenshots of manga, anime, tumblr posts, shitposts, and *cough* yaoi

text.posts.anime) | Instagram photos and videos

FAN MADE/FAN ART ANIME & MANGA, Changed Hairstyle of Protagonist, Tokyo Ghoul, Kiseijuu sei no kakuritsu, Koutetsu no Kabaneri & One punch man

okay but imagine a Marvel/Death Note crossover with Bucky as Light oooh

Welcome! Please Note: This is an 18 and Over Blog. It is also NSFW. Please go back and look at other...

Black Butler ~~ A series of images that capture Sebastian's ego as well as his beauty.