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Explore Countries I Ve, Countries Visited and more! - repinning their poster of the countries of South America. I now happen to live in one of them.


Mbti by country. Holy crap, I got South Korea! Thats funny because my friend and I joke that if the USA gets any worse we'll move there.

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Lemon Dream Cake

One of the biggest blessings for me since I started this website has been all the amazing people I’ve had a chance to get to know.  Food. It really brings folks together, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what kind of food you cook. We all gotta eat, right? And occasionally, I get emails from...Read More »


WELL NOW - I think I'll have to register all of my dead relatives and vote for TRUMP because I know they are rolling in their graves over what has been done this country since this assclown took office! WORST PRESIDENT EVER!


Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Ireland. In a few years, I hope to take my beautiful girlfriend to the one place that always comes to mind as a dream destination for an amazing trip. I've before been to Ireland, but only to spend two days in Dublin, which wasn't bad, but I really want to get back and see the country that birthed my ancestry!

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28 Inspiring Decor Ideas To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Not as big and in black and white to document all the places we've checked of the bucket list. Each tag with the specific location and the date. More

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Essential Oil Survival Kit for Anxious Flyers

I’ve been a lot of places, y’all.  In my younger days, I visited more countries than I can count.  I lived in Texas for almost ten years, flying home to the northeast on a regular basis.  Travel was my jam.  I loved adventures! About seven years ago, around the time we moved from Texas to northern Virginia (and also, interestingly, around the time when my thyroid function was headed downhill), I began to develop anxiety on airplanes.


south-africa-travel-guideSouth Africa is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. It is also the most diverse one I’ve been to. “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy” -Ernest Hemingway read on to discover all the hot spots in South Africa including johannesburg, Cape Town, and Krugar National Park


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