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The yogini: Julianne Andrews The pose: One-legged King Pigeon (aka Eki Pada Raja Kapotanasana) The location: Nairobi, Kenya The benefits: This pose requires concentration and focus on the breath. King Pigeon gives you a beautiful back bend and it is also a heart opener. You can feel a release of energy from the heart chakra as well as the grounding […]

Get More Out of Google Search - #infographic #Google

Get More Out of Google Search - #infographic

The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide #infographic #Towel #HowTo #DIY

The Ultimate Towel Folding Guide #infographic

Society at large has become quite dependent upon pre-made and store-bought items. But with a little bit of time on your hands you can whip up high-quality alternatives. Additionally, you can avoid the unknown additives of store-bought items by opting to make your own products... #fal #spr #sum