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Gialos harbour through the eyes of poutnidis

This photo from Dodekanisos, South Aegean is titled 'Gialos harbour'.

Time on his Face

The time on his face By: Mehmet Akin. My favorite style of photography. There is so much to take in. You can live a lifetime within his portrait.

neat eye trick - worked for me. you too?  www.GetUNstuckNow.org

Here's two mind-blowing optical illusions which tricks your eyes and your brain. In this amazing optical Illusion first focus at the colored dot on the nose and then look at the blank space and there it appears the real face in colors

Solomon Island kid, he is so beautiful

Sweet Smiling Child of the Solomon Islands - naturally blond of African ancestry

Street Art Varsovie

Warsaw Street-art ~ quiet, simple, beautiful art that speaks out loud

Marilyn M.

Festive Party Look- Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup Secrets

Stunning child by unknown artist.  Please let me know if you know the artist so I can link to them. | Stunning Portraits

I just love black and white photography. You are able to see deep within someone's soul without the distractions of color. The first thing I looked at in this picture was the eyes! They are beautiful!

A powerful reminder to keep perspective about what's really important.

Mother with her starving, perhaps dead child - Africa. This is heart wrenching