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The idea of a wife being a kitchen-lubber, cum home maker, while the man is outworking as a biblical model is an absolute fallacy. It was a ...

1.Moses-17#19 Abraham is a good model to look up to, because Jehovah called Abraham His friend. BUT Abraham is not to be worshipped as an idol or god.

It has had many names over the years—Mount Moriah, the threshing floor of Araunah, Mount Zion and the Temple Mount. Jews, Christians and Muslims all honor the site. Abraham, the father of the Jews, once led his son Isaac to the crest of this hill to worship (Genesis 22:5), and the Jews would later worship there as a sovereign nation under David who purchased the site from a Jebusite farmer.

Silver boat model. Several boat models were found in the Royal Tombs. They were often loaded with small containers, as if carrying provision.of the dead.This boat model is from PG 789,the King's Grave From The Royal Tombs of Ur

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"Hagar and Ishmael" by Alan Jones

Hagar and Ishmael - Abraham's wife Sarah was barren and because of his desire for an heir as the Lord had promised him, Sarah thought the Lord would provide a child through her handmaid, Hagar the Egyptian. Legend has it that this Hagar was none other than the daughter of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, the same who coveted the possession of Sarah in vain. Hagar became Abrahams concubine and later bore Ishmael, Abrahams firstborn son.

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Dear young family at Sunday Mass

Also posted at Catholic Insight To the young family who sat in front of us at Sunday Mass, this is for you. You made me smile as I was reminded of what Mass with young children is all about. How ol...