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The idea of a wife being a kitchen-lubber, cum home maker, while the man is outworking as a biblical model is an absolute fallacy. It was a ...


“Consider how great this man was,” says Hebrews, that even Abram, father of the righteous, father of the Jewish nation, and the New Testamen...

John 8 verse 54 and Jesus declares. “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing.” Even though the truth is that if any man that ever lived could rightly glorify Himself, Jesus Christ was and is that man. Nevertheless, He Himself declared it to be worthless, groundless and futile if He did so. I am sure that you would agree with me when I say that any praise concerning ourselves would, in His light, seem a little less than futile.

Grace and not law is what Christians need to live by. The word of God and not the word of man is what saves. Because of the Pastor’s confidence in the biblical message he was preaching, everybody in the church learnt a valuable lesson in the whole episode. The Word works. The Spirit teaches. Christ redeems. So why do men, movements and churches add guidelines to the prescribed life style of scripture? Do they not have a similar confidence in the inspiration of the Bible and the exposi

Note also that a practical sustained faith in Jesus Christ is about character and not charisma. To be sure – in my own experience – any man or woman I have ever met with Christ-like, Godly character, has oozed charisma. There is nothing in the universe more attractive and charismatic than Jesus Christ Himself. For that reason it is obvious that the more His character is engrafted into a person’s heart, mind, life style, belief systems and daily living, the more charismatic and attractive th…

TWe camped recently on “Why God repeats Himself. We only went there because of that fascinating line that Jesus shared, “Why is my language not clear to you?

The teaching of One God existing as more than One Person is obviously suggested in Genesis 1 verse 26 where it says, “Let us…” Here One God speaks in the plural. I find it inconceivable that He was speaking out loud to the angels. That would mean that man was created by already created beings as well as God. The very thought of that is absolutely alien to everything that the Bible teaches of creation.