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WW1 women at work: In pictures

Here, members of the Women's Land Army smile as they hold their tools aloft while climbing over a gate, 1916 ~

MUNITIONS FACTORIES UNITED KINGDOM DURING FIRST WORLD WAR (HU 96426) Three female munitions workers stand in front of 15-inch high explosive shells at the National Shell Filling Factory at Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, during the First World War.

Thousands of British women worked in munitions factories. Their contribution greatly helped the war effort and led to Women's Suffrage ~

Sculptor Anna Coleman Ladd, right, devoted much of her time during the Great War to sculpting masks for facial disfigured veterans.

Women Industry during WWI. Birmingham. 1918 A large group of women workers smile and wave for the camera as they crowd down the steps outside their canteen at an aeroplane factory in Birmingham.