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Want to know more about what is going on, please read the description of the set, "Trich or Treat?"

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Physical pain does not come close to comparing with emotional pain.

Empowered.Flamboyant.Liberated.Beautiful. I am a Warrior. I am a Queen. ~Look at life and death through eye's of wonderment and appreciation, live life in color, live life in refracted light~

The dreams where I'm dying and no one helps they just watch.

Skeleton at Normanton Church - 1400 Year Old Skeleton Of A Female That Was Found Buried In The Grounds Of Rutland Water.

Signs that obviously, some Bitch's on the Rag with possible PMS! First sign: Too lazy to drain the tub and clean mess. Bottle of wine,some, Pain Medication(s) and, an Ash-tray full of cigarette Butts...Hrmph!

A blog dedicated to the dark side of art. MOST WORKS ARE NOT MINE. Suggestions and submissions are always welcome. *Please do not remove links when you reblog. Artists deserve credit for their hard work.

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