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Female fitness and Power - There is both beauty and power in the female body! She can unlock both! There's no such thing as a physically weak woman! Just women who haven't trained their power to come to the surface! Fitness Motivation! It feels good! It looks good! It's how we are meant to live! Healthy! Fit! Awesome physique! Great definition! The human body is a beautiful work of creation! Hard work, dedication, and discipline strikes again! Doesn't it motivate you to work towards a…

Tricey lost 82 pounds. This busy mom of 3 was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and didn’t want to take medication. Instead, she opted to change her lifestyle and release the weight to improve her health. She found an online training program with the knowledge and accountability she was looking for.

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Garage Total Body Circuit with Dumbbells

This total body workout with dumbbells is one you can complete at home in your garage, or if you hit the gym! All over toning and sculpting

8 Week Body Transformation!  Here is the entire third week of videos and workouts at your fingertips.  You can download them or use the mobile site to have free access to each workout, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and have a great workout! Day 15: Chest and Triceps, abs Day 16: …

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23 Vegan Meals With Tons Of Protein

Strength Training Guide for Women GREAT if you need to train for a mud run or ob

Some women think being skinny will give all of these things. Some of these things are tangible and others are not. If you want to have "skinny arms" eat healthier and exercise. If you want to be loved, being skinny is not going to give you that. You need to love and respect yourself first before you can let someone into your life like that. Being skinny will not fix your problems, working through your problems in a positive way will.