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Mass Arrest and Gun Confiscation Has Begun Subscribe to TheTruthandjustice96 Tyranny is rising. The examples we have seen from the 20th century by Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin, Mao and other despots are surfacing in America today. The police state starts out by throwing the book at selected groups like liberty lovers and veterans, pot smoker...

Austin Democratic Official Admits Plan To Confiscate Guns - Listen up, libs: In Cuba only the government has guns, and they will give you free, state-run healthcare. And in Mexico, only the government and drug cartels have guns...if freedom is too scary for you here in the U.S., hit the road and head for Utopia.

Exactly what Obama & his allies, supporters want to achieve: Destroying the country in order to rebuild it in their image: Pentagon admits they are preparing for mass civil breakdown SUBSCRIBE - FOLLOW - LIKE - PIN -

We all knew he was trying to grab our guns...but didn't know he was going to try to raid the garden too! A complete takeover of all public resources, and Private...everything you own.! Executive order13603 BATTLE STATIONS MAKE THIS GO VIRAL !!! OBAMA SIGNED NEW ORDER FOR COMPLETE