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from Dona Jo Fitwear

Groove Bra (Vida)

Embrace life and your next workout in Vida - available in a running skirt, workout short and sports bra at

Welcome to my kitchen (= a rear with a view). BEWARE of what can happen if you order pants on Ebay! This took place under my skirt the first time I wore these -- within the first 30 min., after I did my usual thing and sat on my feet on the chair. Pretty sure my body didn't do this, but who knows... The mysteries of E-China-bay. I might affix shorts to them for I shall wear them again and this won't stop me from ordering leggings on the E. If noses that grow reveal lying, butts that grow…

This blog contains photos of hot male butts. This blog is NSFW and intended for viewers over 18 yrs old. Please email me if you own any photo on this blog, you want to submit a picture of your cheeks or you have a question to

Yes nobody takes us serious with this monkey as president. We will continue to get attacked and or friends attacked. ISIS works for CIA and United Nations. The reason why they are doing what they a…

Emilio Just like the titles says my blog is mainly filled with men, anime, video games and other things I find interesting. I like to meet and talk to people so hit me up and ask me or talk about anything