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The Singularity is Near » About the Book Ray Kurzweil talkes about the thrilling transformation that will happen in about the year 2045 when our intelligence will become increasing nonbiological and trillions of time more powerful than it is today.

Federman, Mark. 2005. Why Johnny and Janey can't read, and why Mr. and Ms. Smith can't teach: The challenge of multiple media literacies in a tumultuous time.

The book that got Brainscape Social Marketing Manager Amanda Moritz interested in the brain

A student's perspective: "The action scenes are almost breathless in their urgency and it's a constantly entertaining book. The most common problem with a great deal of action novels and movies is a lack of character development, but fortunately that's not the case here. Each person has their own unique story to tell, and that happens without getting in the way of the story too much."