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Saginaw Bascule Railroad Bridge, Over Saginaw River, Saginaw: Saginaw County, Michigan, 1944, By: American Bridge Company of New York, New York, An exceedingly rare example of the unusual patented Abt type bascule bridge.

Bascule opening - The Clarence River Bridge is one of the most important railway bridges in NSW . Its designed as a Pratt truss structure of five 240 ft spans . Its unique in Australia for is double-deck design with a reinforced concrete roadway on top and railway crossing below . Busy river traffic in the early 20th century required an opening section mid-stream . This was built as a hinged Bascule span of 84 ft one of the largest known . The span could be raised at will from t | by…

The World's 20 Most Impressive Bridges

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Nicknamed the Flying Drawbridge, for obvious reasons, this small bascule bridge swings sections of 49 foot by 49 foot deck 90 degrees up into the air to allow ships to pass. Two arms swing from a pylon, instead of traditional hinges, for quicker movement. -

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Bascule bridge … the deck would open in the middle to allow tall ships to pass…

: @chicagomatt Chicago is home to a collection of trunnion bascule bridges. Vocabulary time! Trunnion is a French word for "stump" or pivot point; bascule is a French word for "see-saw"; a trunnion bascule bridge describes the type of bridge that pivots like a see-saw around a central core. Thanks for beautifully capturing a trunnion bascule bridge in action Matt! Follow & tag #ChiArchitecture for a chance to be featured. Moderators: @pdbminer & @mollypg by chiarchitecture