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http://pinterest.com/pin/7248049373534233/ http://pinterest.com/pin/7248049373542370/ Don't judge anyone part 2 - "Angel? E.T. says: (Stop making videos at work... You'll lose your job, like Bill dumbass Greathouse did. Bill made some disgusting YouTube channel of porn and filth. And you all know darn well, it wasn't me.. HE is going to PAY for that BIG TIME. Dwayne never red flagged Bills videos EVER in his life. If you choose not to believe anything E.T. is saying to you is your problem…

Lmao this is half of you all. Everyone on ig is like "omg stop hating on the show just because johnlock didn't happen" and i am just like???? do you even read our reasons for hating tfp??? i am scared to state my opinions against tfp here nowadays because yall lose your shit. You don't have to like EVERYTHING moffat and gatiss create. You are free to criticize it. So if you have problem with healthy criticism then its you who needs to broaden their mind a bit.

Funny how you didn't pin this one...lmao. His choice...and there is no wonder why---lmao. You are so wrapped around yourself, totally ignorant , a bitch..and a lazy one at that...oh yeah you are a real keeper...lmao. he choose to run away from you...but he lied to you about everything--cause he doesn't want to lose his kids. You are a fool..lol

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